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Why Choose SpecTa??

    Benefits of IELTS prep at SpecTa Education :
  • Free Schedule - come and check our timetable then decide when you want to study
  • Free 1 year sessions - finish your course and you still have up to 1 year studying sessions
  • Free Grammar class - come join the class for free to improve your English grammar
  • Start Anytime You Want
  • Guaranteed score - GET your targeted SCORE or get 100% REFUND!

Our Programs

SpecTa Education is a famous education firm for studying overseas, which offers the best IELTS prep class in Jakarta, taught by highly qualifed mentors. We consistenly produce excellent result and scores, even up to 8.0 for plenty of students.

    Programs Offered at SpecTa Education :
  • 2 weeks -> Rp 3.000.000
    • Learn & get your score within 2 weeks
  • 4 weeks -> Rp 5.500.000
    • Learn & get your score within 4 weeks
  • 8 weeks -> Rp 8.000.000
    • Learn & get your score within 8 weeks
  • 100% Money Back Guaranteed Program -> Rp 12.500.000
    • This is the main program of our IELTS prep course which offers 80 sessions of study for all IELTS subjects. When the courses are completed and required IELTS score is achieved, in less than a year of duration time, the students are still able to keep studying within that 1 year for free. This Program 100% money back guranted if your targeted score is not achieved.
      • Class Schedule
      • Monday to Friday at 4pm - 9pm
      • Saturday at 10am - 2pm

How to Apply :

Student need to take our EPT (English Prediction Test) to determine which prep course is the most suitable for them.

We have two types of EPT,

    Offline EPT
  • Location - our office
  • Available from Monday to Friday (10am - 6pm)
  • Available on Saturday (10am - 2pm)
  • It costs 250,000 IDR

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