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  1. "Listening is a very neglected communication skill. Many students feel that because they can hear, they are listening. Allowing words to pour into your ear is not listening. Yet listening is the most used method of learning."

    Which one is best describing the paragraph?
    • We may have the wrong idea about listening
    • Certain words will guide you
    • Speaking is a slow form of communication
    • Process what you hear
  2. “Another key to active listening is to maintain eye contact. The eyes truly tell all. An instructor can tell whether you are ‘getting it’ or not, simply by looking at you, specifically your eyes. Furthermore, it is almost impossible to fall asleep when looking someone directly in the eyes, so your ability to concentrate will improve! And respond to the instructor. This can be anything from asking and answering questions to nodding in understanding or smiling appropriately at your instructor’s attempts at humor. Ask questions for active listening.”

    Which one is best describing the paragraph?
    • Make sure you know something about the topic
    • Interact with the speaker
    • Choose your seat carefully
    • Co-operate with other students
  3. “Have you ever watched a television show or a movie and felt like you were watching a really long commercial? If so, then you have been the victim of bad product placement. Clever marketing folks want their products to be visible within a scene, but not the focus. When done correctly, product placement can add a sense of realism to a movie or television show that something like a can simply marked ‘soda’ cannot.”

    Clever marketing folks like the idea of a really-long-commercial-like movie.

    Based on the information in the paragraph, the above statement is ____
    • TRUE
    • FALSE
  4. “The wolves that evolved into dogs have been enormously successful in evolutionary terms. They are found everywhere in the inhabited world, hundreds of millions of them. The descendants of the wolves that remained wolves are now sparsely distributed, often in endangered populations.”

    Wolves are a protected species in most parts of the world.

    Does the above statement agree with the view of the writer of the paragraph?
    • YES
    • NO

  5. The line graph shows changes in the use of different forms of communication – email, telephone, and letter – over a five-year ______, from 1999 to 2003.

    The correct answer to fill in the blank is ....
    • Length
    • Distance
    • Intervals
    • Period

  6. During the first quarter, sales ____ of the three products were fairly similar.

    The correct answer to fill in the blank is ....
    • Sizes
    • Items
    • Volumes
    • Percentages
  7. The excessive cost of space exploration is unjustifiable ___ how informative it is.

    The correct answer to fill in the blank is ....
    • In spite of
    • Hence
    • Even though
    • Whereas
  8. ____ the Third Dynasty begun ____ it was brought to an abrupt end by invaders.

    The correct answer to fill in the blank is ....
    • Not only, but also
    • Hardly had, when
    • If only, then
    • Because of, therefore
  9. A twistable base ____ having a can in two sections.

    The correct answer to fill in the blank is ....
    • must
    • means
    • stops
    • will be
  10. Which writing style best suits a semi-formal letter?
    • “Dear Simon, how are you?”
    • “It’s been a while since our last holiday. I’ve missed you since then.”
    • “I would like to inform you about the accommodation that I had at that time.”
    • “The room was messy from the start, so I had to waste hours cleaning it. The experience was such a hassle.”